Andy Schneider
Director, Enrollment Marketing and Strategy

Originally from Milwaukee, WI

Currently lives in Franklin, WI.


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What is your favorite restaurant in Milwaukee and why?

I have so many favorite spots around Milwaukee, and I'm always looking to try new ones. The truth is, my "favorite" changes every few weeks. Also, one of my favorite things is making recommendations based on people's individual tastes, so send me a quick note if you're going to be in town and want to know what you should check out!

What is the best thing about Marquette?

I'm constantly reminded of how supportive this community is of one another. There are so many benefits provided by our location, size, campus, alumni network, etc., but at Marquette, you'll be joining a community that wants to see you thrive personally and professionally. You'll discover that your support system will extend beyond a few close friends, to faculty, advisors, alumni and other students who might not even necessarily know you personally. It's that network of support that will be instrumental in helping you find your path and reach your potential. 

How do you like your cheese?